With excitement for the future and a bit of sadness we will be closing the doors of Casa Ramos II on April 15.

We have made the decision to not risk our business by suffering through a slow summer amplified by the current state of the Valley Metro light rail construction.  Instead, we will close now before we feel the effects and come back at some point with a new vision and renewed enthusiasm.  Every struggle can be met with opportunity and this hiatus is necessary for the business and more importantly our family. 

Mesa, you have been amazing to us and we are genuinely grateful for each of our wonderful customers, some of whom have become like family.  Your support over the past five years means the world to us.  Our promise to those of you who love Casa Ramos is that we will be back.  It may not be in the same form that we operate in today but we are very optimistic about what the future holds for us.

The Heber, Arizona restaurant will continue to operate as it has and a few of the familiar faces from Mesa will be at that location for the summer.  So if you miss us, come visit us there!  1855 AZ-260 Heber, AZ 85928

- The Ramos Family